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Last update: 15 Jun 2022

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The side-effect effect (SEE; Knobe, 2003) demonstrates that observers utilise the moral valence of actions’ unintended consequences to decide whether those side effects were intentionally caused, with harmful side effects viewed as more intentional than helpful ones.

Recent work has suggested that when observers account for other factors such as the instigators’ characteristics, the SEE changes. This aim of the PhD project is to explore the parameters of the SEE. Determining what the beholder considers when judging intentionality and when judging the amount of praise/blame deserved for help/harm-full side effect.

Initial stages of investigation are considering the influence of the job role of the instigator and the setting in which they are placed i.e. their sector of work. Understanding the SEE may have further implications for the jury decision process of rendering verdicts. The PhD research is fully embedded within the Open Science ethos.